ZRE is a real estate development group focusing on creating unique living and working experiences with distinctive atmospheres and a wide range of services.

ZRE´s objective is to create value-added communities emphasizing on client satisfaction and maintaining shareholder values. From residential to commercial developments, ZRE projects are characterized by their innovation, comfort, and unparalleled quality.

ZRE business´s success relies on the professionalism and commitment of our team. From vision to project completion, our company is committed to joining the creative with the feasible. Locations we select are prime; Finest architects who strive for everlasting designs and innovative techniques transform our vision into reality.

Well-known for our extensive follow-up, our clients´ satisfaction is paramount as we strive to maintain long term and mutually beneficial relationships. Word-of-mouth and our reputation are our best marketing tools.

With several projects underway, ZRE is expanding their unique development ideas and sustainable community centered projects to a regional and global scale.

We believe that community development is more about people than real estate. The physical spaces we create are designed to flourish within their neighborhoods while reflecting our tenants´ values and aspirations

ZRE is committed to transforming spaces into vibrant community-focused districts with the ultimate goal of exceeding clients´ expectations.

We strive to deliver the best products and experience to our clients; In pursuit of excellence, we actively and continuously seek self-improvement. Our excellence is reflected from the day we design our spaces till after our clients occupy them.

Understanding the shifting nature of our business, innovating and setting benchmarks to align our products with our clients´ ever evolving requirements is crucial to our success.

We are transparent in what we do and we respect our commitments. Our objective is to create lifelong relationships with our clients.

We create projects to preserve our heritage, beautify our present, and define our future. Building eco-friendly spaces is paramount when defining our projects.

ZRE´s success is based on our earned reputation which was cultivated from our commitment and dedication to exceeding our clients´ expectations. By developing meaningful and lasting relationships with our tenants, our company became reputable and trusted. Over time this reputation grew and so did our projects.

At ZRE, our vision is not just to build buildings, but to build communities. We try to provide our clients with the best possible living and working experiences, their go-to destinations. Our projects are built for yesterday, today, and the future and most importantly to respond to our clients´ evolving needs.

A key element to our success emanates from the professionalism and commitment of our team. The team reflects our shareholders key values: Excellence, Innovation, Integrity and Sustainability.

Lebanon is the source of our inspiration and our strength. Over the last 10 years, we have proven through our relentless work that we can overcome all obstacles and grow. We highly cherish the Lebanese talent and the motivated and talented graduating minds who we invite to join our growing family.”

Mouhamad Rabah, General Manager at ZRE