BDD Temp Facility

BDD Temp will be the beating heart of Beirut Digital District. The project will contain the following entities:

  • A 300 sqm auditorium hall for developing, engaging, and enlightening audiences fostering artistic freedom and creativity.
  • A 600 sqm exhibition space serving as a center of attraction for all IT and creative events.
  • An R&D center providing young talents with training and development opportunities enabling them to expand their ideas by exposing them to industry and university R&D knowledge.
  • Classrooms equipped with video and tele-conferencing equipment suitable for workshops, courses, and training sessions, allowing the creation of a center for knowledge sharing.
  • Other types of facilities will include a gym, a canteen, and outdoor landscaped gardens.

Most importantly, BDD Temp will host networking events bringing together the creative community to connect, build new relations, and eventually generate business opportunities.

Project designed by BAD. Built by Associative Data.